With so much rain on the horizon this spring, I felt it time to lift our spirits by looking forward to summer and the blazing sunshine we’re all so eager to see again.

With that in mind, I thought it time we revisited the subject of shorts. Specifically, what we should be looking for summer 2013 and a reminder of how our shorts should look.

Sizing is everything

Remember, length says a lot about a man; the modest gent should look for a pair that ends just above the kneecap, while the more adventurous can shave a couple of inches off with a pair that hits along the mid-thigh. Beyond this, you’re risking ‘too short’.

shorts from h&m

Look for tailored finishes, just as you would longer trousers, especially if you suffer from knobbly knees. You don’t want to feel restricted at any stage, but baggy is most definitely out. Throw out anything with a pleat, unless you’re on Safari in the 1970s.

Colours should complement

Don’t pick shades that clash with your skin tone. For example, those with light complexions should avoid anything too pale; you’ll look washed out and insipid. Safe colours include khaki, navy and pale grey/blue.

next chinos

Those who are looking for a seasonal blast should venture into the realm of lighter tones with subtle pattern. A thin stripe should suffice, and avoid the Madras plaid unless you wish for unwelcome double takes.

Other Areas to Avoid

Cargo shorts had their moment a few years ago; now is not the time for a resurrection. Any pair of shorts with more than two or three slit pockets should be avoided.

please don't do suits and shorts

As the Bermudas are banished to trashcan, and draw-string anything is a by-word for ‘fit doesn’t matter’, our shorts will come complete with belt loops; unsurprisingly this means our pair should be worn with an appropriate belt. By appropriate, this doesn’t mean the most formal black leather / silver buckle combo; rather, a more relaxed look should be entertained. Oh, and suits with shorts are a definite no-no!

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