Open your arms for the welcome return of the ongoing fashion series regarding what’s sitting on the high street shelves waiting to make their way to your wardrobes and closets this season.

Remember, these particular pieces of advice are picked secure in the knowledge that regardless of body type, skin tone or age, you can be in the know this autumn and beyond.

Let’s get started with the clothing staple that refuses to lower its continuing impact on men’s fashion…

Frosty Blues

You’d be forgiven for thinking your local department store had frozen over given the huge range of cool blues and pallid tones that have descended this season.

Most men can easily find at least one shade of blue that will match their skin tone, though pale gents should be careful of going too icy lest they begin haunting those around them.

You can always add a little warmth with strong pastels in olive green, raspberry pink or chocolate-tinted orange.

The Navy Blazer

A sartorial saviour year-in, year-out, the blazer can be used to dress up casual looks and redefine your smart business looks in a jiffy. As long as your follow the normal rules of suit jackets, your blazer should keep you looking dapper for the milder moments during this upcoming cold season.

navy blazer for fall 2013

Why a solid navy? It’ll match virtually all skin tones and pair with so many items in your wardrobe you’ll have difficulty finding something that won’t match!

If you want something with a little more impact (and 2013 flair), give the contrasting elbow pads a whirl; just be careful when pairing it with the rest of your ensemble – we want ‘modern dapper’ not ‘trendy geography teacher’.

Simple Accessories

There’s normally a wealth of weird and wonderful accoutrements to be had this time of year; though this season, many stockists have taken the view that traditional, simple wallets, belts, bags, handkerchiefs and cufflinks are the way forward. Use this to your advantage when finding replacement items for your wardrobe for this season and beyond.

Be Cautious When Buying…

Patterned Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets, like the humble Harrington, are excellent lightweight standbys for the transitional times between late summer and early winter. There are plenty of choices available right now, so take care when picking the perfect jacket.

While simple patterns can make a statement, be careful of stepping too far. Remember you should define your look – not the other way around!

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