It’s been a while since we’ve looked at haircare and grooming on Guy Style Guide, so today I thought it’d be advantageous to look at how you can conceal those tufts of grey whilst keeping the overall effect natural and clean.

Step One: The Right Dye

hair colouring kit

The first mistake most men make is choosing the wrong form of colouring dye. When choosing your concealler make sure you’ve selected a bottle with the appropriate formulation.

The first stage is a temporary colouring solution; these sit on top of the follicles and usually last approximately 3 washes. These are typically only useful if your hair is starting to ‘lighten’, and cheaper colourings do have a tendency to run in the wet – making these less than ideal for rainy climates.

Most colours on the market are semi-permanent and are best for those who have minimal grey coverage. Generally they last up to about 10 washes and won’t permanently lighten, darken or stain hair as they don’t contain ammonia or peroxide.

If you’ve got considerably more grey, consider talking to a stylist about providing the best result. You may need a more permanent pigment that off-the-shelf bottles can’t provide directly.

Step Two: Get the right colour

Another common mistake is selecting the wrong colour for your locks. Make sure you check the packet (and that the correct bottle of colour resides in the packet) before you apply.

Remember not to stray too far from your original shade to maintain a natural look – no more than one shade lighter or darker should ideally be considered.

Step Three: Follow the directions

Again, a failing most guys succumb to is not following the instructions; you’ll need to start with a ‘skin patch test’ to ensure you don’t react to the dye and always wear protective gloves and use old towels lest you wish to cover your finest fabrics with dye. You may find it helpful to have an assistant on hand, particularly if you’re applying in an awkward location such as the back of the head.

Step Four: Technology is your friend

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Thanks to a thriving market in women’s colouring, men can benefit from a range of easy to use tools including touch up pens, applicator combs and more. Don’t be afraid to search for one that suits your roots and your lifestyle. There are a number of popular brands you can choose from, including those which feature special dye formulations that automatically stop darkening when you reach the shade you’re after.

Step Five: Admire the results

Always dye your hair when it’s light out; florescent bulbs and incandescent lights can distort the final appearance meaning that perfectly dyed bouffants can lose their looks when the morning comes. Use a mirror to check those hard to spot areas to ensure complete coverage.

Step Six: Some final tips…

Use a shampoo or conditioner that has been specifically designed for hair that has been colour treated; avoid getting into pools with chlorine as you may find it bleaches the colour. Finally, rather than rubbing hair after your shower, pat the follicles dry instead – again, you may wish to avoid using your finest towels to prevent colour transfer.

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  1. Chris

    I haven’t run into grey hair yet, but getting into my mid 30’s, it may become an issue soon, so thanks!