Last time we looked a how we could take a new approach to the, often forgotten, fashion staple, socks.

But if you thought a little liveliness with bold shades of colour was the end of your newfound sock adventures – it’s time to think again!

If you want to pull in some new excitement without investing in expensive blazers and sports coats, and have outgrown the simple pinstripe and microdots recommended in previous blog postings, then a simple, low-cost solution is a pair – or three – of argyle socks.


But what exactly is argyle and why does it work so well? Essentially, the term refers to a design of overlapping diagonal lozenges; this bold, yet complex pattern serves to add a sense of texture and dimensionality without adding physical thickness or additional layers to your clothing.

argyle socks

While it can be a little overwhelming in large blocks (think about golfing sweaters and you’ll soon understand just how overpowering this pattern can be), a subtle touch around the ankles can easily add a blast of style and interest without going overboard!

Pulling off the look

The interlocking diamond pattern will instantly revitalise the look of a simple pair of black oxfords or charcoal suit trousers. You can also take the opportunity to use the multi-toned pattern to guide your decisions on potential accent colours, perhaps picking up one or two shades in a pocket square or necktie.
The easiest combination of colours to pull off for the absolute beginner is an argyle mix that includes a base of light grey or black with purple and lavender accents; perhaps unsurprisingly these hues will match effortlessly with either your grey or black suits.


The only element worth noting is that, just like with vibrant socks, this is a tip for livening up an average workday – not for an important meeting with a financial advisor regarding your mortgage. Always stick with fine weave dress socks, resisting the temptation to let the pattern grow too big and engulf your lower leg.

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