Male Style Essentials: Waxed Duffel Bags

So you’ve sorted your briefcase for the working day, but how about when you need to get on an airplane for an emergency weekend meeting in a foreign land, or that unexpected road trip taking you hundreds (or ...
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Discover Your Perfect Messenger Bag

Picture the scenario; you’re stood in the store, looking for a messenger bag. The sheer range of choice is overwhelming. There are all sorts of materials, textures, sizes and shapes on offer. How on earth do you whittle down the options to one?
Fear not! Today I’m going to teach you how to pick out your perfect bag. Although I’m using messenger bags in this example, the rules still apply to all other styles including briefcases and sports bags.
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Don’t Shoot The Messenger: How To Wear A Manbag

Nothing seems to stir up more controversy than a man holding a bag. It seems strange that while androgynous looks on the runways and highstreets are ever more prevalent, the bag remains a feminine step too far for most blokes.
And yet, ironically most manbags are synonymous with highly masculine endeavours: sport, combat, mountaineering, travel, et cetera. So how do you wear a bag without sacrificing your manhood in the process?