article placeholder Presents The Shoe Polishing Guide

Let me guess, the last time your brogues saw a brush was sometime just before a wedding, job interview or important meeting. Shoe maintenance can be a time consuming affair – but only if you let it. Compiling a care kit is not only simple, but probably a lot less expensive than you think!
Use the following guide to help get the sheen back into your shoes and increase your loafers’ lifespan by several years.
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Men’s Dress Socks: The Second Steps

Today, I bring you a continuation of my discussion on dress socks. If you haven’t already taken a peek at my previous article, "Mens Dress Socks: Finding the Perfect Pair", then I recommend you start there first before continuing.
After you’ve learnt the basics of dress socks, and you’ve accumulated a decent-sized collection of solid colours, it’s time to start experimenting a little more comprehensively.
Follow these steps to take your footwear to a bolder dimension…
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Cashing In The Style ‘Reality Check’

I want you to begin our style adventure today by quickly taking stock of what you’re wearing right this second now. Personally, I’m in a white t-shirt and deep indigo jeans with black cotton socks and blue underwear.
I want you to take a good look at your outfit, and ask yourself a really important rhetorical question...