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100 Incredible Style Guides For Men

After a week of erratic posts, I thought I’d turbo charge my Monday morning post by gathering together 100 articles from all over the internet and putting them in one giant super post. I’ve categorised as best I can, but you’ll have to settle for a mixed bag at the end I'm afraid!
If you think a particular article deserved to be in this list, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to update the post in the weeks and months to come.
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How to Become More Successful With Women … Instantly!

As regular readers know, I do have a tendency to harp on about the power of fashion despite protests from style-hating acquaintances who insist my couture obsession is vapid and that, “…it’s what’s on the inside that counts…”
Well, from personal experience, I know only too well this isn’t the truth, and here to back up my claim is an extract from an old BBC television series called, “Secrets of the Sexes”...
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Men’s Shaving: Nixing Those Nicks

Be it a careless stroke or an accidental tug, most of us will draw blood at some point during our shaving routine; even those with flawless technique get the occasional scratch or slice.
The real question is what should you use to stem the blood loss once it's happened? Here’s a list of suggestions you may find helpful during your search for a practical solution…
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Men’s Oral Health: Controlling Bad Breath

It’s an unpleasantness most of us could live without; stinky morning breath is less than professional and your colleagues will be running wide just to avoid an encounter with your oral stench.
So what can you do to avoid the embarrassing smell? Here are half a dozen top tips to help your reeking gums overcome their objectionable whiff …
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Identifying Your Skin Tone – Revisited

I’ve covered the topic of skin tone and complexion a number of times now; however, discovering your true pallor can be a complicated process. Slight tone variations across the body, isolated tanning spots and the occasional over/under exposure to sunlight can make the identification procedure fraught with problems.
In order to help those still confused as to their natural tone, I present the occasionally controversial Von Luschan chromatic scale.
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Eyebrow Grooming for Men

In the past, I’ve covered a diverse range of subjects in the area of male grooming; however, one subject I’ve still not dealt with is eyebrows. Therefore, today I thought I’d treat you to a multimedia extravaganza courtesy of Expert Village and YouTube.
Here you’ll see everything you’ve ever wanted to know on the subject of eyebrow shaping and grooming. Enjoy…