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Q&A Quickie #8: How To Check Your Breath

After reading my recent article, "Men’s Oral Health: Controlling Bad Breath", a regular reader got in contact to ask a quick question relating to the subject. I'm afraid it was part of a longer email, so I'll have to paraphrase as best I can:
"...I'm constantly having problems with stinky breath, so your article on Men's Oral Health: Controlling Bad Breath was very useful. Do you know of any way I can check my breath throughout the day so I don't offend anyone in the office...?"
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Men’s Oral Health: Controlling Bad Breath

It’s an unpleasantness most of us could live without; stinky morning breath is less than professional and your colleagues will be running wide just to avoid an encounter with your oral stench.
So what can you do to avoid the embarrassing smell? Here are half a dozen top tips to help your reeking gums overcome their objectionable whiff …
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What’s The Difference Between Antiperspirant and Deodorant?

Yet another bonus post this week:
This time it’s crafted around the site’s first official e-mail request. I have to admit I did a double-take when I spotted the question sitting in the subject line of my inbox as the anonymous message came with no other text or information. Well, even if the request was from a mysterious source, I’m more than happy to provide my readers with the answer.