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What can the color wheel do for you?

We’ve talked about colour in a fair amount of detail in the past; looking at what hues look best against your skin, how you rank on the Von Luschan scale and even to work out if you have a fair or medium complexion.
Now let’s step things up a notch. Let’s start looking at how we can combine colours to create fantastic looks ‘on the fly’. In order to get ourselves looking dapper we need to take a look at the omnipresent ‘colour wheel’.
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Q&A Quickie #4: I Have A Blue Suit And A Grey Suit – What’s Next?

Today’s Q&A Quickie is one that I failed to address in my free e-book ‘A Beginner’s Guide To The Perfect First Suit’. While I recommended buying a navy (or midnight blue) suit followed by a charcoal grey, I didn’t expand upon what to purchase after that.
Well, personally, I would suggest you buy another navy or charcoal suit. However, if you want more suggestions, read on...
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A Tie Colour for Every Occasion

Following on from “A Belt for Every Occasion” we’ll now take a look at what shade of color will work best on a tie during those crucial events. Should you go for plain fabric, stripes or dots? A deep ochre, vibrant lemon or an ocean blue?
Here’s a quick list of common occasions where getting the right tie is imperative...