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Sorting Out “Smart Casual”

Smart casual is an oxymoron that most men could do without. What part of an outfit should stay formal, and what elements can be relaxed? Can we “pick and mix” colours, and what about fabrics?
Well, in an effort to help sort out the confusion, I present this simple guide to going ‘smart-casual’. Hopefully, you’ll be able to garner enough information from it to sort out your mixed-wardrobe dilemmas.
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Corporate to Casual: How To Instantly Transform Your Look

It’s the nightmare we all dread! No, not that one about being naked in class – the other far more real threat; turning up to a casual event looking way too formal or, worse still, attending a black tie affair in jeans and a T-shirt.
Let’s hope this guide will solve those issues once and for all! I’m going to explain how to work an outfit so you’ll be able to turn up for drinks straight from the office, without anybody realizing you’re wearing the same threads as this morning.
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T-Shirt Chic: Finding the Perfect Casual Shirt

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all tees are built the same.
Casual shirts are as diverse as any other wardrobe item; not only are they relatively cheap, they’re practical too! They’re a simple way to modify the look of your everyday garments, and can easily be dressed up with a few simple amendments.