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Men’s Oral Health: Controlling Bad Breath

It’s an unpleasantness most of us could live without; stinky morning breath is less than professional and your colleagues will be running wide just to avoid an encounter with your oral stench.
So what can you do to avoid the embarrassing smell? Here are half a dozen top tips to help your reeking gums overcome their objectionable whiff …
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Guys’ Summer Footwear: Sandals To Canvas Shoes

For some reason, regular readers seem to think I’m not a fan of men's summer shoes, but nothing could be further from the truth – espadrilles and jipsin are fine by me. My only concern is some guys have a tendency to throw basic common sense out the window because it’s a little warm outside.
Well gents, if you think that cutie sitting at the bar hasn’t noticed your sole indiscretions you’re very much mistaken. Here’s a quick guide to getting your summer footwear in order...
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Sorting Out Your Wardrobe: A 6 Step Guide

You may not believe it, but I can pretty much guarantee your wardrobe could do with a good clean out.
If you find you’re squeezing old clothes together to make way for new ones, or haven’t thrown away an item for the past six months, you definitely need to take a serious look at what’s on those hangars.