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Q&A Quickie #7: What’s The Best Double Edged Razor Blade?

Time for another Q&A Quickie! This time, the request was born from my posting on the “6 Little Known Benefits of Traditional Wet Shaving”, and comes from a nice bloke called Kenyon. Here’s his query:
“…could you [give more] information on what [double edged] blades are the best and sharpest…”
Read on to find the answer...
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The Power Of The Tux: Formalwear Rules

You open the mail one morning to find an invitation requesting your presence at a prestigious dinner party, wedding or formal event designated ‘black tie only’.
Yes, the dreaded day has finally arrived - it’s time for your first tuxedo. But don’t despair; it needn’t be the hellish folly you might imagine. Stick to these simple tuxedo rules and you can’t go too far wrong...
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Going Cufflink Crazy

One of the most perplexing things about cufflinks is their rarity. They’ve become the latest victim of the ‘business casual’ world. No more than a few decades ago, cufflinks were an indispensable accessory in all mens’ wardrobes; now, formal events appear to be the last refuge for the cufflink.
But should the opportunity arise, every man should make it his duty to wear them; they’ll instantly turn an otherwise plain shirt into a dazzling piece of couture.