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Haircare 101: A Man’s Guide To Salons & Barbers

Not too long ago, a haircut meant only one thing – a trip to your local barber shop; one ‘short, back and sides’ later and you were out the door. Luckily, modern men have discovered there’s a multitude of cuts available, and are happily experimenting with their hair like no generation before them.
So, what options are available to you when it comes to getting coiffured? Read on to find out...
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Haircare 101: A Man’s Guide To Styling Hair

Perhaps just as importantly as washing your hair is styling. Although a regular trim will keep your follicles looking smart and neat, taking charge of those stray hairs is going to require the use of some basic styling products.
Years ago, the only thing a man could purchase was a jar of greasy hair gel. Thankfully, modern technology allows for a far more enticing range of products that give a whole host of fantastic looks.
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Haircare 101: A Man’s Guide To Washing Hair

Hair can be a nightmare to get right. Often, it’s one of the first things another human being notices about you and it can completely transform your appearance just by altering it ever-so-slightly. It’s one of the most flexible weapons in your fashion arsenal!
Find out how to wash your hair to perfection with this short guide on shampoos, conditioners and other haircare products.