Male Style Essentials: Waxed Duffel Bags

So you’ve sorted your briefcase for the working day, but how about when you need to get on an airplane for an emergency weekend meeting in a foreign land, or that unexpected road trip taking you hundreds (or ...
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A Watch For Every Occasion

It’s time for another entry in the intermittent series “…For Every Occasion”. This time I thought I’d take a look at watches and which events match them best.
Remember, these are broad categories used to help you get started: treat the advice as a guideline not gospel. If you think something else would work better then by all means go ahead and try.
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Don’t Shoot The Messenger: How To Wear A Manbag

Nothing seems to stir up more controversy than a man holding a bag. It seems strange that while androgynous looks on the runways and highstreets are ever more prevalent, the bag remains a feminine step too far for most blokes.
And yet, ironically most manbags are synonymous with highly masculine endeavours: sport, combat, mountaineering, travel, et cetera. So how do you wear a bag without sacrificing your manhood in the process?