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Mens Dress Socks: Finding the Perfect Pair

One of the subjects we’ve yet to cover on ‘Guy Style Guide’ is socks. Finding the ideal pair isn’t as difficult as you might think, and today I’m going to introduce you to dress sock possibilities.
Let’s take a look at the various fabrics, textures, lengths and colours you’re likely to find in the highstreet and which ones will work best for you.
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What’s What In The World Of Men’s Wallets?

When withdrawing your wallet becomes an occasion for embarrassment it’s time to upgrade.
The number of money carrying options has grown steadily over recent years; from wacky duct tape wallets to traditional tri-folds, the range on offer should present no challenge to the well informed male. So why not try an upgrade and see how a good quality wallet can improve your style kudos...
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Men’s Watches: 5 Time Pieces To Avoid!

Following on from my previous article ‘A Watch For Every Occasion’, it’s time to take a look at men's watches you should shun in all but the most desperate of circumstances.
So, before I get far too carried away with the ‘temporal’ puns, let’s get right down to the matter at hand...
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Men’s Fitness Apparel: Dressing Up For The Gym

You’re assuming I’m some kind of mental defective, trying to convince you to get ‘suited and booted’ for your workout at the gym.
But I’ve written this post for a very good reason; the fact is few men seem to understand there’s a dress code when working out, and it’s there for a very good reason! Poor outfit design can lead to injury, reduced technical form and a general lack of etiquette!