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Q&A Quickie #8: How To Check Your Breath

After reading my recent article, "Men’s Oral Health: Controlling Bad Breath", a regular reader got in contact to ask a quick question relating to the subject. I'm afraid it was part of a longer email, so I'll have to paraphrase as best I can:
"...I'm constantly having problems with stinky breath, so your article on Men's Oral Health: Controlling Bad Breath was very useful. Do you know of any way I can check my breath throughout the day so I don't offend anyone in the office...?"
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All In The Details: Male Maintenance Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

Ever had the feeling something’s not quite right? You’ve got everything in its place, but for some reason there’s an element missing; a piece of the jigsaw that won’t quite fit.
The world of fashion and style is no exception. There are times when, despite our best intentions, we hit a snag or encounter a snafu. We assume all’s well, when in reality we’ve messed up something pretty important.
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Fragrance Strength: Finding Your Concentration

It may surprise you to learn, but a perfume’s potency is often written directly on the box. Raw fragrance is diluted down to various strengths in order to create a variety of concentrations. Here’s a list of common formulations you’re likely to find in your local department store(s)...