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Q&A Quickie #7: What’s The Best Double Edged Razor Blade?

Time for another Q&A Quickie! This time, the request was born from my posting on the “6 Little Known Benefits of Traditional Wet Shaving”, and comes from a nice bloke called Kenyon. Here’s his query:
“…could you [give more] information on what [double edged] blades are the best and sharpest…”
Read on to find the answer...
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6 Little Known Benefits of Traditional Wet Shaving

You may recall from my previous article, “An Introduction To Tradional Wet Shaving”, that over the past two months I’ve become a wet shaving convert. It’s been somewhat of a steep learning curve, but a decision I haven’t regretted in the slightest.
So why should you throw away your multi-bladed cartridge razor, with its billion dollar R&D, and go back to using technology that’s nearly a hundred years old? Read on and I’ll give you several very good reasons why…
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100 Incredible Style Guides For Men

After a week of erratic posts, I thought I’d turbo charge my Monday morning post by gathering together 100 articles from all over the internet and putting them in one giant super post. I’ve categorised as best I can, but you’ll have to settle for a mixed bag at the end I'm afraid!
If you think a particular article deserved to be in this list, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to update the post in the weeks and months to come.