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A Quick Guide to Choosing Men’s Shorts

During the scorching summer months, nothing feels better on the lower half of your leg than wearing a pair of comfy shorts. However, most men can barely seem to pick out a pair of basic slacks, let alone a garment that’s been known to come in bright orange, luminous yellow and tropical pink!
So to avoid making a gigantic sartorial blunder, follow this basic guide to choosing and wearing men’s shorts.
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Men’s Fitness Apparel: Dressing Up For The Gym

You’re assuming I’m some kind of mental defective, trying to convince you to get ‘suited and booted’ for your workout at the gym.
But I’ve written this post for a very good reason; the fact is few men seem to understand there’s a dress code when working out, and it’s there for a very good reason! Poor outfit design can lead to injury, reduced technical form and a general lack of etiquette!