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Discover Your Skin Type

After a spate of fashion related articles, I thought it was about time Guy Style Guide returned to the topic of grooming, and what better way to kick things off than with a post about skin-types. While many ...
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Identifying Your Skin Tone – Revisited

I’ve covered the topic of skin tone and complexion a number of times now; however, discovering your true pallor can be a complicated process. Slight tone variations across the body, isolated tanning spots and the occasional over/under exposure to sunlight can make the identification procedure fraught with problems.
In order to help those still confused as to their natural tone, I present the occasionally controversial Von Luschan chromatic scale.
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Hollywood Clothing For Men On A Discount Budget

So you want to look like a celebrity on a fraction of the budget? I won’t lie – it’s not going to be an easy task; all that superstar cash buys a lot of detailing, tailoring and expensive fabrics. But that’s not to say you can’t get Hollywood clothing in the high street.
With a little forward planning and a good eye, you too can buy 'Hollywood clothes' and achieve a designer outfit for a small percentage of what the celebs are paying...