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Sorting Out “Smart Casual”

Smart casual is an oxymoron that most men could do without. What part of an outfit should stay formal, and what elements can be relaxed? Can we “pick and mix” colours, and what about fabrics?
Well, in an effort to help sort out the confusion, I present this simple guide to going ‘smart-casual’. Hopefully, you’ll be able to garner enough information from it to sort out your mixed-wardrobe dilemmas.
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Q&A Quickie #3: Should I Go ‘Casual’ Or ‘Formal’ For An Entry-Level Job Interview?

I thought I’d address this common query when it comes to applying for a low ranking position within a company.
Do you really need to put on a suit and tie when applying for a ‘first timer’ role within an organization that doesn’t have a specific dress code? Won’t I look overdressed wearing my Sunday best to an interview with the nearest fast-food company?