Store closed…

Hi all,

Due to some of the issues a few of our customers have been having, I have decided to temporarily put the e-store on hold.

Thanks for visiting.

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That’s it!

The offer is over!

But don’t despair if you missed out; the book pricing has been readjusted (in a downward manner), so you haven’t lost out completely.

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The Countdown Begins…

Please don’t forget that monday is the deadline for the 2-for-1, £4 discount offer. Come Tuesday you’ll be regretting it otherwise!

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Coming this February…!

All being well, the e-books store should return this February with a rather tasty offer. Both books, during this period, will be available together for just £4 – that’s a saving regardless of which book you like the look of and you’re getting the other one as a bonus for free!

Check back on Tuesday 1st February for more details!

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Review copies up for grabs again…

That’s right, Guy Style Guide is now once again accepting requests for a free review/preview copy of either title. A reminder of the ‘conditions’ are listed below:

Am I Eligible?

The process is pretty simple:

  • You’ll need to run some kind of fashion, grooming or ‘male issues’-based web service where the preview/review is to appear. This can be anything from a web blog to a newsletter and anything in between. Not sure if you qualify? Give it a whirl and find out…
  • The only other requirement is that any review or preview – positive, negative or otherwise – must feature a backlink to the relevant page on the website.

Again, the only restrictions apply to reproduction of the book content outside of ‘fair-use’. In other words, no reposting the entire book on your website, or passing a copy on to other people; and please don’t include lots of high-resolution ‘screen grabs’ of the book that are legible for reading off a monitor.

If you want to include a preview for your readers there’s an official sample of ‘Male Wardrobe Essentials’ available for linking/embedding via; you can get the required code from the ‘preview’ page.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?
Simply fill in the form below (or the one via the menu) to put in your request. It’s strictly one copy of one book per application; you can put in multiple requests for further/future titles, however these will be judged on a case by case basis; this is to prevent, for example, a single web operator from simply downloading the entire GuyStyleGuide canon and not printing a single review/preview.

All fields are required:

Your Name

Your Email

Your Website/Web Service

Your Selection


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