How to Rock a Pea Coat

how to rock a peacoat

As the name suggests, ‘How To Rock A Pea Coat’ is dedicated to the most magnificent of outerwear garments and how you too can look stylish wrapped up in this wintery outfit staple.

In just twelve ‘easy to read’ chapters, you’ll gain a comprehensive grasp of everything you could possibly conceive regarding the pea jacket.

Why you’ll love this book

Look great in any given situation. Gain the confidence that you’re rockin’ the pea coat successfully whatever your size, shape or disposition; know those occasions when your reefer will be just what the doctor ordered and when it won’t.

All your questions answered. Where can I buy a pea jacket? Will it suit me? How should I care for it and what should I wear with my new overcoat? All these issues are exposed, not to mention many, many others like them.

Avoid the designer traps. You won’t find an endless list of brands, fashion names and stylists in this book; it’s all about finding you the perfect pea coat whatever your situation.

No bumf or filler. Just the straightforward ‘how to…’ advice you know and love from GuyStyleGuide. It’s everything you’d ever need to know about sporting a pea coat without the endless critique and unnecessary added junk of other books: There’s no fear of being blindsided by ‘metrosexual’ jargon with me.

Low price. At just £5, you won’t be spending a fortune discovering what makes the perfect pea coat – in fact, it’s cheaper than most style magazines you’d find on the high street shelves!

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