Male Wardrobe Essentials

Imagine going back to zero

What if you could throw away the entire content of your closet? Push the reset button and go back to zero again; restart afresh with a brand new wardrobe, but this time without the mistakes, the unnecessary failures and the gaudy sweaters.

‘Male Wardrobe Essentials’ is a 78-page guide full of tips and tricks for building an entire wardrobe from the ground up. From casual clothes to accessories, ‘Male Wardrobe Essentials’ gives you a complete run-down of the sartorial must-haves.

Why did you write this book

When I first started looking for fashion advice on the internet several years ago, my searches came up short. In fact, they came up very short! I found hardly any resources on male fashion at all, and those I did discover were teaching me how to walk before I could crawl – metaphorically speaking of course.

This e-book is everything that I wanted, and needed, to know at that time. In essence, this is the book I prayed my future self would deliver me back through time. No mess, no fuss – just plain spoken advice to get my wardrobe started again.

Who’s this e-book for?

  • Those with a brand new job

Maybe you’ve just graduated college and want to know what formal attire you should be hanging in the closet for your new corporate position. Perhaps you’ve recently switched from working in an office to a more casual environment and are intimidated by the thought of picking out jeans for the first time at forty.

  • Those wanting to start afresh

Undergone a recent separation and want to rid yourself of your former partners’ taste? Maybe during a terse break-up your entire closet fell victim to a pair of sharp scissors.

  • Those who’ve undergone a lifestyle change

Rapid weight-loss? Starting next semester at a new school? Whatever your situation, if you need to rethink your entire clothing collection, ‘Male Wardrobe Essentials’ can help.

  • Guys who just fancy starting again

Help is at hand for anybody who’s looked through their closet recently and thought “it’s time for a change…”


No nonsense guidance
Men, unlike their feminine counterparts, don’t like to be talked at in great length about the benefits of a poncho over a shawl. Everyday guys like simple, straightforward advice delivered in an uncomplicated manner. ‘Male Wardrobe Essentials’ is what you need to know in a virtual nutshell.

Forget the ‘designer-brand’ blues
Finding all the items in ‘Male Wardrobe Essentials’ is as easy as stepping foot in your local department store; no need to trudge around designer boutiques looking for exclusives – everything you need to reboot your closet can be found up and down high-streets around the globe.

Formatted for screen reading
This e-book has been designed for the virtual realm; layout, page-sizing and fonts – all chosen with ‘screen reading’ in mind. Naturally, you’re free to print out a physical copy of the book if you wish – it’s always nice to have a hard copy to take around with you.

Free upgrades and improvements
Not only will you be notified by e-mail if there’s a new version released, you’ll also receive the update free of charge!

5 Responses to Male Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Mitchell Brown says:

    when is the male style guide going to be available again?

  2. Gökhan Armağan says:

    I hope this will come in handy for removing question marks in my head. Thanks a lot.

  3. Michael Clemons says:

    Look forward to looking through the Male Wardrobe Essentials.

  4. damion says:

    i am interested in this book

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