Q. I posted a comment, but it didn’t appear on the site!
A. All comments undergo a series of internal tests before appearing on the website. Several spam filters have been installed, including an ‘auto-delete’ script, which helps deal with the high level of unwanted messages.

If your comment isn’t visible after 48 hours it’s likely that your posting has fallen victim to one of the automatic filters. To ensure your comment makes it through successfully, aim to provide accurate details when filling out the various fields; include only authentic information like a valid email address and a real homepage URL.

Q. When is the blog updated? Has it changed?
A. I currently update the site several times a week. Between Late 2008 – April 2009 the site was updated twice weekly, Sundays and Thursdays, and from May to August 2009 thrice weekly, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The posting schedule was relaxed in order to work on expanding GuyStyleGuide.Com in other arenas away from the website.

Between December 2009 and May 2010, the blog was left to run unattended due to personal commitments. Normal posting resumed at the beginning of June 2010, complete with site redesign.

Q. What’s the purpose of this place?
A. ‘Guy Style Guide’ is here to teach men, young and old, how to implement basic fashion rules. In the ever-growing market of male fashion it’s sometimes difficult to find exactly what you want, and need, to look good; ‘Guy Style Guide’s aim is to steer you clear of wardrobe mistakes and give basic sartorial information at the same time.

Q. Why do you never mention specific designers/labels/etc?
A. There’s a tendency to mistake ‘fashionable’ for ‘in fashion’. High-end brands, flashy labels and top designers create some great fashion pieces, and have made a name for themselves for a very good reason.

However, most men don’t have the time or energy to hunt out the latest trends, read up on big fashion names and discover the latest designer pieces. They simply want a ‘how to’ package for the basics – everyday advice that will keep them looking great without the fuss.

‘Guy Style Guide’ is a collection of articles on how to look good without succumbing to fashion faux pas – not an insider’s look at the latest flair or summaries of the latest fashionista spectacular coming down the catwalk.

The article linked here should fill in a few of the details.

Q. Have you got any advice on subject XYZ?
A. There are many themes covered on the website. Try using the search function or browse through the archives for specific results. If you find the subject hasn’t been covered yet, why not drop me a line and I’ll see if I can’t form an article on the topic. Either use the ‘Contact Me’ page or e-mail me at the following address:

guystyleguide {at} googlemail {dot} com

Q. Can you supply me with customised advice?
A. While I’d love to create a tailored look for every individual who visits the site, it’s simply impossible to do so. Anyway, you should find by following the rules, tips, tricks and guides on the site, you’re able to create a great wardrobe all on your own!

Q. I strongly disagree with one of your tips!
A. If you feel that an article contains bad advice or factual errors, sign up and leave a comment. All feedback, positive or negative, is welcomed and will be read with great enthusiasm.

Q. How do you research your topics?
A. Like all good websites, my information comes from a wide range of sources. I use a mix of books, articles, online resources and magazines to ensure accurate and valid results. Naturally, I credit any direct references made within my articles and the writing on this site is covered by international copyright law.

Q. Can I write a guest spot for your blog? Will you write one for me?
Q. I’d like to advertise on your website, is that possible?
A. Get in contact with me and we’ll see what we can do. The email address is listed above.