A look that appears to be rocking the whole world right now is the pea coat/jacket. “But what exactly is a pea coat”, I hear you ask, “and will it suit my body?” To find out the answer, here’s a quick Q&A session on what’s fast becoming the number one in winter clothing accessories:

Pea coats have been the traditional sea-fairing outterwear garment throughout the world since the 1720s. Although originating in Europe, over the centuries other nations have adopted them as a staple part of their naval dress.

“What’s the appeal?”

Why chose a pea coat over a three-quarter length jacket or mackintosh? Well, for one thing they’re stylish, and another, they’re practical. Characterized by their heavy woolen weave, broad lapels, utilitarian simplicity, classic double breasted construction and ‘slot’ pockets, peacoats (sometimes called pilot jackets) are a celebrity favorite and are extremely popular among younger guys, particularly university and college students.

“Who flatters the pea coat look?”

Pea coats tend to be very square, but cinch slightly above the hip. Skinny guys look great in pea coats because they accentuate the waist whilst bulking up the chest; all the pleasure of an instant workout with none of the sweat!

“Who doesn’t rock that pea coat look?”

Larger men should avoid wearing the traditional pea coat; the cut emphasizes your mid rift and draws attention to your gut. Also, the styling appears incredibly ‘puffy’ on bulky frames: very unflattering! Instead, consider a coat with smaller lapels with fewer details around the mid section, avoiding anything double breasted or patterned.

Top Tip: Modern pea-coats come in a wide range of materials and cuts. If you look shapeless or boxy in one style, try another range; you may find shopping around greatly improves your chances of finding the perfect pea coat. When it comes to fabrics you’re really spoilt; everything from dark navy cottons to black wool blends are available. For a truly luxurious investment, however, nothing quite beats the feeling of cashmere; more expensive, but certainly worth the extra cash!

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