So you want to look like a celebrity on a fraction of the budget? I won’t lie – it’s not going to be an easy task; all that superstar cash buys a lot of detailing, tailoring and expensive fabrics. But that’s not to say you can’t get Hollywood clothing in the high street…

With a little forward planning and a good eye, you too can buy Hollywood clothes and achieve a designer outfit for a small percentage of what the celebs are paying.

Finding a look

Firstly, you need to unearth the celebrity look you want to emulate. There are a number of sources that you can tap; magazine covers, internet images, television shows and film trailers are a good place to start your hunt. Try to narrow your selection down to a single celebrity outfit; pick the best of the best – the sartorial gem in the crown – as your Hollywood clothing template.

hollywood clothing #1

Analyse and adapt

Once you’ve selected your outfit du jour, you need to scrutinize it for detail and adapt it to your own specific needs:

Start by breaking down your selection into its component parts. You need to extract an itinerary of garments; what’s the use of emulating a style if you haven’t got the matching shirt or shoes? Think about what you’ll need to buy and what you already have lying around in the back of your wardrobe.

hollywood clothing #2

Next, think about what will work with your frame, shape and skin tone. Tom Cruise may look great in those aviator sunglasses, but will you? Do you honestly have the bone structure to pull off those frames? If you don’t follow the basic style rules for your body, you’ll become the epitome of ‘mutton dressed as lamb’.

hollywood clothing #3

Finally, research potential purchases online before you hit the high street. There’s nothing wrong with being organized; you’ll cut your legwork in half by finding the best places to buy before you’ve even entered the mall! Take a look at various internet retailing portals to give you a good idea of the range ahead of time.

Shopping the look

1. Go prepared. Take a picture of the outfit (or garment) with you, along with a list of potential stores, and a pen to mark down what you saw in which shop, and how much it cost.

2. Don’t be fooled by fabrics. Good quality cotton can appear just as spectacular as cashmere and a well constructed leatherette jacket can easily be passed off as the real thing; don’t think you have to waste cash buying luxury fabrics when a worthy imitator will do the job just as well.

3. Compromise isn’t a dirty word. A picture paints a thousand words, but a price tag won’t! If you can’t afford to spend hundreds on a single shirt, don’t be tempted into throwing caution to the wind: it’s far better to compromise and get the overall right effect than to blow your entire budget and end up with half ‘the look’.

4. Rock the clothes, not the superstar. If botched plastic surgery teaches us nothing else it’s that, try as you might, you can’t change your entire physical form to match that of a celebrity, so you shouldn’t waste time and energy trying! If you don’t have the handsome good looks or ultra trim waistline to pull off a garment, try a suitable alternative instead. Can’t get away with slim-cut jeans? Nothing’s wrong with trying a low-rise regular instead…

5. Remember this process is a marathon; you’re in it for the long haul, so don’t be disappointed when that special shirt doesn’t look as good on you as it did Brad Pitt. Try and try again. Having the right mindset accompanying you on your shopping excursions is all-important; with it, small setbacks are just another part of the game.

Making the look your own

There’s always a potential threat when emulating celebrity fashion; it’s called the ‘Elvis Impersonator’ effect. When you see these doppelgangers perform, they’re typically sporting the atypical lacquered quiff, sparkly jumpsuit and large shades – the same haphazard uniform repeated hundreds of times over.

Image: Vera Gudiel

These performers typically sideline other looks in favor of the most iconic; don’t fall into the trap of pastiche and merely copy an image by rote! Instead, customize the outfit to make it your own. If you don’t feel comfortable with ankle boots and shoulder pads, tone them down or throw them out; it’s not a sin to reject the items that are unsuitable (or too outlandish) away from the glam of Hollywood catwalks!

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