Author(s): James Bassil (Editor)
Format: Paperback
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Pages: 224


“ Presents…” is a contemporary style handbook filled with hundreds of pages of advice on how to look good, smell great, dress impeccably and generally come up a treat.

Divided into eleven ‘rules’, this style bible will help you create a top notch wardrobe with dressing sections full of information on color coordination, patterns and accessories. It’ll help you chose shoes, jeans, watches, not to mention imparting wisdom on the likes of shaving and grooming…

There’s an awfully large amount of good quality information contained within this tome. It’s so comprehensive it even carries advice on the most esoteric of subjects; styptic pens and pocket squares have never been so thoroughly explored.

Each section is laid out clearly and concisely, meaning you’re never likely to be dumbstruck for information on any sartorial subject; be it a quick question on tuxedos or a reservation about shoes, you’re likely to find the answer within seconds.

Sadly, this wealth of information is only supplemented with dour black and white illustrations; while the writing is top notch, the advice doesn’t feel fully liberated without colorful examples.

My only other bugbear is the occasionally contrary guidance that pops up; it happens very rarely, but when it does, it potentially leaves the uninitiated reader a little confused as to which counsel to take and which to ignore.

Overall, I’d say ‘The Style Bible: The 11 Rules for Building a Complete and Timeless Wardrobe’ is well worth the money; even if it isn’t as glamorous as other titles within the ‘style guide’ category, it’s certainly one of the most comprehensive.

GuyStyleGuide Rating: 4 out of 5

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