I had to tackle the subject sooner or later, so I thought it might as well be sooner. Let’s face it, whether we say it in public or not, everyone likes to walk around knowing they’ve got a fantastic looking rump.

But are you ashamed to shake your moneymaker? Perhaps your butt started travelling south for the winter and never returned, or protrudes like an unwanted lump. Whatever blunder has befallen your buttocks, there’s a styling fix on hand.

Too Big

If your butt sticks out like a portable ledge there are several things you can do to pull your bottom back in. Firstly, try wearing boot cut jeans; these will help disguise your ‘bubble butt’. Secondly, avoid any embellishments; decorative stitching and embroidered logos draw attention to your larger backside, as do large pockets. Finally, try wearing longer overcoats rather than shorter jackets which leave a visual ‘break’ right around your problem area; you’ll find the elongated flow a much better concealler.

Too Saggy

If your rear quivers as your walk, you can spend hours doing exercises on your gluteus maximus, or alternatively try a pair of boxer-briefs. When brought in the right size, they’ll hug your bum and help stop the jiggle. You should also endeavour to avoid wide leg jeans, or anything that sits loose around your caboose.

Too Flat

Ah, the dreaded pancake effect! The best way to highlight your unimposing rear is to buy low-rise jeans; with a skinnier fit around the derriere, these should provide definition and added shape. Stay away from loose fits and baggy trousers: always plump for a straight legged alternative instead.

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