As regular readers know, I do have a tendency to harp on about the power of fashion despite protests from style-hating acquaintances who insist my couture obsession is vapid and that, “…it’s what’s on the inside that counts…”

Well, from personal experience, I know only too well this isn’t the truth, and here to back up my claim is an extract from an old BBC television series called, “Secrets of the Sexes”. It’s a great example of pop psychology in action; look out for a fleeting unaccredited appearance from fashion-stylist Gok Wan from his pre-television fame days:

Alright, you can argue the point a hundred times over, but essentially I want you to see that it does matter how others perceive your dress sense. It’s not merely about using my fashion tips to look better; style acuity can affect virtually all aspects of your life, including how good-looking women find you!

Oh, and for all those guys out there wanting further insight into becoming more attractive to the opposite sex, take a look at another clip from the same show:

Trying to find a few simple hints and tips for increasing your stature? I thought you might be…

Tips On Height

Avoid visual breaks. Wear clean, simple outfits without fussy patterns that distract the eye and clutter the visual line of your clothing.

Choose monochromatic shades. Complementary colors will give the illusion that you’re taller than you actually are.

Wear clothing with vertical lines. It may be a tiresome fashion cliché, but it works; vertical lines ‘push’ the body upwards; at the very least avoid anything with horizontal stripes. Remember, your vertical stripes don’t have to be thick and heavy; pinstripe and long columns of perpendicular stitching will help give the subtle impression of height.

“Make mine a V-Neck!” The understated triangular shape will give the impression of a longer torso; just be careful not to reveal too much skin or, God forbid, chest hair…

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