As regular readers know, I like to take the time out, a couple of times a year, to look at the up and coming fashion trends for the forthcoming season.

Typically, I try to keep my choices to general looks and versatile pieces that anybody can indulge in, whatever their height, weight, figure, skin tone or otherwise.

Today I thought we’d take a look at the trends that are going to shape our high street over the next few months in the world of men’s fashion. So, let’s start off with my first choice…

Knee-length Denim Shorts

If last summer was about a fifties revival effort, this year it’s all about denim in the world of shorts. We’re still plunged neck-deep in a recession and a hard-wearing pair of everyday shorts will certainly provide excellent value for money. Go for a good fit in a neutral tone – there’s no use plumping for stonewashed fuchsia because you’ll have nothing to wear with it: keep it simple and you’ll have a whole summer’s worth of great, effortless combos to look forward to.

Pallid tones

It seems that grey/gray refuses to denounce its role as ‘the new black’. However, fashion houses have kept the fashion mill turning by adding a slight color twist into the mix. Expect to see far more in the way of eggshell, ecru, mushroom, oatmeal and other pasty tones over the next six months or so.

The ‘Simple’ Suit

While basic suit combos have never really left us, there seems to be a new emphasis on the ‘staple’ look. A plain, dark ensemble with skinny tie may not be everyone’s signature piece, but it’s certainly a good place to start; let your accessories do the talking.

Basic Hoodies

Oh hooded sweatshirt, welcome back! Over the past decade they’ve really grown a bad reputation, and the last two or three years have seen a real decline in their status. Now they’re returning minus the nu-rave prints, over-elaborate embroidery and garish brand names. As the summer nights grow cold you can once again grab your hoodie without fearing the fashionista glare.

All of today’s images are all taken from Topman and Burton’s latest clothing ranges.

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