Yes folks, it’s here at last! The bi-annual list of male style related Tumblr blogs are below. As always, numbers are for reference and are in no way to be considered ranking; if you think your blog deserves to be added to the 2013 list later this year, please leave a comment below with your Tumblr URL so we here at Guy Style Guide can check it out.

Let’s kick things off with some of the more crucial blogs you need to be following that I missed from the previous list…

1. taste my thoughts


3. #LMLCoalition

4. Young&Classy™

5. A Collected Gentleman

6. A Curated Man

7. Mode Masculine


9. The Bengal Stripe

10. Addo

11. Sea of Folks

12. Alexander the great (MEN’S FASHION) blog

13. An Acute Style

14. DG6 Group

15. Comme un camion


17. The Illusion of Complexity

18. Men’style Brasil

19. Menswaration

20. Consummate Style

21. Dapper & Denim



24. Aggressively Sartorial

25. DonFreshly

26. Edwin Hu

27. everythingjesse


29. FrozenGlass

30. Gentlemen Suits

31. Gentlemen’s Corner

32. f**kyeahnickwooster

33. Guerreisms

34. Instant Cardigan

35. Jonathan Evans

36. Kustos morum


38. Helmstyle

39. Life’s Wild Style

40. x InStitchu x

41. Men of Habit.

42. Men’s Stylist

43. alabama bottle rocket

44. Streetdandies


46. A Gentleman & His Style

47. Nick Wooster


49. Only The Best Will Do…

50. Random Fashion

51. The suited gentleman.

52. Real Men Wear Bow Ties

53. Overdressed and Underprepared

54. Sharper Than You Think

55. Curious case of Stan Von Ruchalfest

56. simple appreciation.


58. Snow Workshop Inspiration

59. The Silentist

60. We are the Strange

61. Style


63. Tailor Made Style

64. tailored italian style for men

65. the midweSTYLE

66. The Dapper Kid- Men’s Fashion Blog

67. The Fresh Geek

68. Wax Wane

69. The Gentleman’s Guide

70. Asian Dictator of Taste

71. The Life and Times of C. Benjamin vol. 2

72. The Style Buff

73. Real Men Real Class

74. This Fits

75. tie guys tie’s.

76. Waistcoat Style

77. stockton+nash

78. Walking Gently

79. The Friday Wear

80. Stressed, Depressed, But Well-Dressed

81. Men Who Dress Like Men


83. Carpe Vitae Ab Scrotis

About The Author

Johnathan Bell is the founder, owner and main author of Guy Style Guide, a website dedicated to everyday male fashion, style and grooming. The primary mission? To guide clueless men through the tricky mindfield that is the growing world of male couture. Find him on , Twitter and Tumblr.

36 Responses

  1. Jason

    Would love it if you checked out my tumblr: brokeandbespoke. The picture from the Details screen capture is actually one of my WIWTs. In any case, hope I make the next list!

    • Mike S.

      You should definitely be on this list. Several of these have shots of your WIWT. It’s nice to see original content rather than a bunch of reblogs. I also personally appreciate your “broke” perspective. As someone trying to pay back student loans your blog is often exactly what I’m looking for.

  2. Jason

    Also, congrats to the awesome folks who did make the list! There’s some great tumblrs represented here.

  3. Quality Men's Fashion

    Great list. Recently started up a blog of my own. Check it out?

  4. Hi-Standards

    hello everyone!

    let me start off by saying congratulations to all the blogs that made the list! fashion is not just for women, and it is hard to come by blogs such as the ones represented above. good job everyone! now i know i cannot compare to the blogs above, i would like to add my blog to the list: ; i have a collection of fashionable things(:

  5. DaS

    I look forward to these lists, good job!

  6. Eric Chua

    those blogs are really nice but I see potential in my blog so please check it out! the name might not sound that serious but trust me it’s worth checking out.