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Sorting Out Your Wardrobe: A 6 Step Guide

You may not believe it, but I can pretty much guarantee your wardrobe could do with a good clean out.
If you find you’re squeezing old clothes together to make way for new ones, or haven’t thrown away an item for the past six months, you definitely need to take a serious look at what’s on those hangars.
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Footwear Essentials: 6 Shoes Every Man Should Own

There’s no doubt about it – buying shoes is always going to be a headache! They’re a real expense, tricky to get right, it takes hours to find the right pair and poor quality shoes can lead to foot, ankle or even back pain.
And yet, the right pair of shoes can be a real deal maker; they can smarten up the shabbiest of outfits, pull in a barrage of complements and generally brighten up your day.
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Let’s Wear A Pea Coat!

A look that appears to be rocking the whole world right now is the pea coat/jacket. "But what exactly is a pea coat", I hear you ask, "and will it suit my body?" To find out the answer, here’s a quick Q&A session on what’s fast becoming the number one winter staple...
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The Classic Pattern Guide

Patterns aren’t an easy thing to master. Quite the contrary, designs can be difficult to quantify and qualify if you aren’t used to them.
If you have trouble identifying anything trickier than a stripe, then this handy ‘how to’ should help fill you in on some of the older, more conservative prints you’re likely to find on the high street.
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A Belt For Every Occasion

Finding the perfect belt can often be fraught with problems; what size to wear, what materials when, and even buckle dilemmas aren't unheard of.
However, you’ll be glad to know there are only two basic styles to choose from – formal and casual. Both have their place in your wardrobe - but as always, be careful not to get the two confused...
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8 steps to better looking garments (a.k.a Why do my clothes … feel so bad?)

You throw your clothes in the washing machine, set it to spin, wait a few hours and withdraw your nice, clean load of laundry. But for some reason it's not accompanied by that refreshing boost anymore. Your socks are wearing thin, your white shirts are looking grey and your sweaters appear three years older than they actually are.
In an effort to help solve your freshness woes, I present my eight step guide to revitalizing and protecting your clothes.