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Going Cufflink Crazy

One of the most perplexing things about cufflinks is their rarity. They’ve become the latest victim of the ‘business casual’ world. No more than a few decades ago, cufflinks were an indispensable accessory in all mens’ wardrobes; now, formal events appear to be the last refuge for the cufflink.
But should the opportunity arise, every man should make it his duty to wear them; they’ll instantly turn an otherwise plain shirt into a dazzling piece of couture.
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Boxers or Briefs? The Male Underwear Guide

Ahhh, the age old question: should I wear boxers or briefs? The answer is simple: wear what feels most comfortable.
Naturally, that doesn’t mean throw your common sense out the window – there’s still a time and a place for everything and underwear is no exception, although you probably won’t be judged on how ‘in’ your undergarments look. Just make sure you stick to good quality cotton in whatever style you eventually choose…