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Cashing In The Style ‘Reality Check’

I want you to begin our style adventure today by quickly taking stock of what you’re wearing right this second now. Personally, I’m in a white t-shirt and deep indigo jeans with black cotton socks and blue underwear.
I want you to take a good look at your outfit, and ask yourself a really important rhetorical question...
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Fifty Plus Fashion: Top Tips for Senior Dressing

They say fashion is a young man’s game… Okay, perhaps they don’t, but sometimes it feels that way. Teenage models plague fashion magazines and in the rare event you do find forty plus fashion on the catwalk it’s usually being sported by models barely out of college.
But there’s a large leap between fashion and style, and becoming a senior needn’t signal the start of puffy sweaters and comfortable slacks (unless, of course, you want it to). Here are a few top tips for the older reader to help them look and feel stylish whatever their age:
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Hollywood Clothing For Men On A Discount Budget

So you want to look like a celebrity on a fraction of the budget? I won’t lie – it’s not going to be an easy task; all that superstar cash buys a lot of detailing, tailoring and expensive fabrics. But that’s not to say you can’t get Hollywood clothing in the high street.
With a little forward planning and a good eye, you too can buy 'Hollywood clothes' and achieve a designer outfit for a small percentage of what the celebs are paying...
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Credit Crunch Clothing: 6 Tips For Designer Fashion On Half The Cash

Inflation, high unemployment, stock market crashes and home repossessions. Is it any wonder that fashion retailers are suffering?! Many of you will be forced to make sacrifices this year, and the temptation is to let style take the back seat. However, you needn’t put your wardrobe on the backburner.
You can still find a wealth of designer fashion bargains and discounts if you know where to look. Here’s a quick run-down of six cost-effective buying decisions to make it through the financially tougher months ahead.
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5 Versatile Fashion Trends For Men (Spring – Summer ’09)

Following on from my previous article on the latest style trends, I thought I’d update you with a few more hot fashion tips for the months ahead.
Remember, these are versatile, timeless fashion items/looks not just transient fads; they aren’t liable to look dated and faded after just a few weeks, and some of the suggested items are probably hanging around the back of your wardrobe already...